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A top pollster has said that Joe Biden should not seek a second term as president. They believe that he is not as popular as he was when first elected, and would therefore have a difficult time winning another election.

Milly Flynn, - Hot

Mark Penn, chairman of Harris Poll and veteran political strategist, talks to Forbes Newsroom about why President Joe Biden should not seek a second term in 2024. Penn says that Biden's election was a fluke, and that he only won because of Donald [...]

Solar Stocks Are Soaring 31% This Year

Mathias Cobb, - Hot

Our theme of solar stocks, which includes solar panel manufacturers, system installers, and component suppliers, has rallied by about 31% year-to-date. This is much better than the S&P 500, which is down by about 17% over the same period.

Web3 platform Angelo is preparing to launch a new service that will allow users to digitally recreate physical art collections. The new service will use 3D scanning and printing technology to create high-quality replicas of existing

Sarika Koss, - Hot

The web3 platform will make it possible for people to experience Angelo in a more concrete way, by adding a more tangible element to the idea of owning an NFT. The public will be able to see and interact with Angelo for the first time when the pla[...]