What Republicans Should Do If They Win Congress

Republicans are expected to win control of Congress on Tuesday. Here are some things they should do:

It looks like the GOP will take control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives next term, despite the constant uncertainty that characterizes this era. Upsets are always possible, but it seems likely that the GOP will maintain its control of Congress. This will allow the party to pursue its agenda and continue its policies, despite the challenges that the current political climate presents.

The world is facing serious energy shortages, and it is both frivolous and dangerous to wage war against oil and gas for unscientific reasons. Republicans must start with a bill that sweeps away the Biden Administration's arbitrary barriers to oil and gas development on federal lands. This will help ensure that we have the energy we need to meet our global challenges.

It is clear that the Democrats are more interested in obstructing the Trump administration than in governing for the good of the country. Joe Biden has already indicated that he will veto much of the president's pro-growth agenda, which will only serve to hurt the American people. The Trump administration is focused on cutting taxes and increasing defense spending, both of which are necessary to ensure the continued prosperity of our nation.