WaykiChain's Decisive World Cup: Sri Lanka, Japan, Iran, and Other Countries

To keep the excitement of qualification rounds going, WaykiChain has organized another series of matches for the “Decisive World Cup” following five countries from last month: Sri Lanka, Japan, Iran  among others. The US teams are again taking[...]

WaykiChain Football Friendly Tournament will be held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on July 7th.

WaykiChain’s latest round of football matches, following the United States, Sri Lanka, Japan, Iran and Hungary is Nigeria. This series of friendly matches on the World Cup Football Tour has been launched by WaykiChain since the beginning of this year to bring global fans a football feast that will last for a whole year. The purpose is not only to warm up for the World World Cup, but also to promote exchange and cooperation between world youth football through friendly competitions around the world and jointly improve the level of football development with other countries through these friendly matches around the globe.

Our group feels that the most important message is not the skills demonstrated in the game, but to show that despite different skin colors, different languages, and different customs, people cannot stop their love for soccer.

WaykiChain has created a live broadcast channel to allow more people to watch the game and is broadcasting each game globally. This way, WaykiChain organizes and prepares a series of football events through the fan community all over the world, which also plays a role in enhancing the exchange and communication of communities in various countries. In addition, WaykiChain set up a lottery with rich prizes for each live broadcast, which has won the attention and love of more viewers.

WaykiChain will start the World Cup warm-up in the form of a friendly football match, launch projects such as star NFT, World Cup game quiz application, and World Cup 10,000 community in the next few months. The "blockchain + football" round game boom.

The live broadcast of the friendly match in Vietnam will also be full of surprises, so don't miss the Wiki YouTube live room on July 7.

WaykiChainWICC is a channel on YouTube that broadcasts live content.

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