Transitioning Your Industrial Company to New Standards and the Web3

Many industrial companies find it difficult to transition to new standards and navigate the Web3 universe, often because they lack understanding of the technology and its potential applications.

Riddle&Code is making it possible for industrial companies to transition into the new standards of Web3, opening up new opportunities for business models based on tokenization and data trust. This new technology has the potential to revolutionize the way industries operate, making it easier and more efficient to raise funds and manage data.

The two programs from Riddle&Code focus on hardware wallet adoption that will accelerate not only Web3 knowledge but also create new business opportunities for a sustainable future. This will help enterprises and developers alike to capitalize on their innovation and create a sustainable future.

Not every blockchain is suitable for every use case.

The Riddle&Code team is excited to see the launch of the RDDL Network, which is tailor-made for the energy sector. The HW-03 programs are built around the usage of the RDDL Network and require a physical connection via hardware wallets. With these programs, Riddle&Code is helping its clients push into the fourth industrial age.

“The long experience in the field of cryptographic encryption on special hardware has inspired us to find a suitable solution for the industrial sector” says Riddle&Code’s founder Tom Fürstner, who recently released the whitepaper of the RDDL Network.

The RDDL Network is poised to become a major player in the energy sector, thanks to its unique consensus mechanism, “Proof-of-Productivity.” This mechanism makes machines tamper-proof and enables a new kind of trust and traceability for the generated machine data. With a cryptographic hardware wallet connected to a machine, the machine turns into a decentralized identifier on the network – an Industrial Machine NFT. Therefore, the machine itself becomes a part of the network. In the upcoming years, Riddle&Code anticipates over 50 million machines operating as nodes on the RDDL Network, powering the energy sector of the future.

Riddle&Code is a blockchain company that creates innovative solutions for the internet of things.

I believe that Riddle&Code is leading the way in terms of blockchain technology and its potential applications across various industries. The company's focus on product development and its commitment to enabling sustainable, green, and resilient machine industries makes it a key player in the space. I believe that Riddle&Code's various solutions will help to tailor industry-specific hardware wallets and software products to build on decentralized blockchains. This will ultimately contribute to the growth and development of the RDDL Network blockchain protocol.

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