The Rock Resurrects the XFL: 8 New Teams Announced

One of the most popular football sensations is returning with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's resurgence of the XFL in February 2023. The XFL is providing more details on its eight new team names and logos. All 43 games of the 2023 season will air acro[...]

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - FEBRUARY 22: A general interior view of CenturyLink Field with the XFL ... [+] midfield logo after the game between the Seattle Dragons and the Dallas Renegades at CenturyLink Field on February 22, 2020 in Seattle, Washington. The Dallas Renegades topped the Seattle Dragons, 24-12. (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)Getty Images
I see a general view of CenturyLink Field with the XFL midfield logo after a game between the Seattle Dragons and the Dallas Renegades. The Dallas Renegades are victorious, with a final score of 24-12.

The XFL is making a comeback in 2023, and it's bringing some big changes with it. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is behind the new iteration of the league, and it's set to air on Disney-owned networks including ESPN, ESPN+, FX, and ABC. The league has also announced eight new team names and logos, and it's clear that Johnson is committed to making the XFL a success this time around. With new rules and a new television contract, the XFL is poised to make a big splash when it returns in 2023.

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The XFL's return in 2023 could potentially shake up the American football landscape, as the league looks to challenge the NFL's dominance. With eight teams already announced, the XFL looks to be off to a strong start. It will be interesting to see how the league develops over the next few years.

The XFL is a professional football league that was acquired by Johnson, Dany Garcia and RedBird Capital last year. The Rock is now focused on making the league more player-focused, with the goal of helping them achieve success in their football careers. The XFL is more than 70% Black when it comes to players, with two of the league’s eight teams being helmed by Black head coaches/general managers.

The new playbook is an exciting development for football fans. It offers a new way to approach the game and should provide more excitement and opportunities for success.

It's great to see the XFL embracing a single-entity league structure. This means that all revenue from television rights, ticket sales and endorsements goes straight to the XFL, to be distributed as the league sees fit. This is a stark contrast to the privately-owned NFL, which mixes league-wide revenue sharing with local revenue. This should help the XFL to grow and prosper in the long run.

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The new XFL football operations hub in Arlington, Texas is a great move for the league. Choctaw Stadium is a great venue for the league to call home and the location is perfect for fans in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The league is set to kick off in February 2023 and I can't wait to see what the XFL has in store for us.