The Driving Force Behind Development: TVL and Technological Innovation

The original driving force for development comes from on-chain activity, specifically the Total Value Locked (TVL), as well as technological innovation.

The XinFin (XDC) Network, known for its secure, scalable, and highly efficient blockchain use cases, has received an investment worth $50 million from the global alternative investment group, LDA Capital Limited. The investment originated by leveraging a portion of the token from the XDC founder's allocation.

The LDA's involvement in the XDC Network is seen as a strategic partnership that will accelerate network adoption and real-world use cases. The founders of XDC Network are confident that the collaboration will improve the ecosystem and provide greater opportunities for users.

Atul stated that he is committed to making a difference in the lives of those around him.

I agree with the statement above. We've always looked for genuine strategic partners, not just funders, who can actively and strategically advance the ecosystem, while bringing utility to the network, and making XDC the preferred Layer 1 for institutions the world over. In LDA, we've found such a partner. With their help, we'll be able to continue building the XDC network and making it the go-to choice for institutions worldwide.

This new relationship between the XDC and LDA Capital is expected to encourage the growth and development of Layer 2 projects inside the XDC Ecosystem. This would benefit the XDC's new ventures and entities focused on bringing in new retail and institutional members. The XDC's smart contract-based initiatives have expanded dramatically since its introduction in 2019, and it is anticipated that this new partnership will help continue this growth.

Anthony Romano, LDA Capital Ltd. stated that he is bullish on the future of the cryptocurrency market.

LDA Capital is excited about the potential of the XDC Network and is committed to helping it become a leading player in the blockchain space. With its funding and strategic support, LDA Capital will help the XDC Network realize its full potential and position it as a major player in the blockchain ecosystem.

The XDC ecosystem is set to undergo rapid expansion with the addition of LDA support. Projects such as DEXs, Metaverses, NFT marketplaces, oracles, decentralized email providers & cloud storage, payment dApps, and legal document repositories will all benefit from this. The result will be increased adoption and use of XDC utilities.