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Submit an application for the 8th edition of our Fintech 50 list, which spotlights the most promising companies that are using technology to revolutionize finance.

We're launching our eighth annual Fintech 50 list, and we're looking for companies making industry-changing innovation.Getty

Today marks the seventh year of the annual Fintech 50 list, which highlights private companies that are transforming the financial sector through technology. From digital banks and payment startups to cryptocurrency firms working to create a brand new financial system, these companies are leading the way in making finance more cost effective, efficient and accessible. Last year's Fintech 50 can be found here, and this year's list is sure to bring even more innovation to the world of finance.

The FinTech 50 list is back for its eighth year! This extensive process entails a team of 10 reporters and editors working for months to evaluate hundreds of companies and make their final selection of 50. This team is divided into various subcategories, such as finance, technology, and more, and they’re not just relying on their own expertise—they’re also seeking out input from industry investors, analysts, entrepreneurs, and executives. This is sure to be an exciting year as the FinTech 50 list continues to give a greater insight into the burgeoning world of financial technology.

Forbes is making major changes to the application process for its annual Fintech 50 list, a list of the most innovative fintech companies of the year. Now, there is only one form for company representatives to fill out. This simplifies the process and reduces paperwork. However, if you are not a company representative and you know of a business that should be considered for the list, Forbes would still like to hear from you. You can email [email protected] and explain why you think a company should make the list. Don't miss out on this chance to get your favorite fintech company recognized for their outstanding innovation. Send your recommendations to Forbes today!

Uncovering the Fintech 50: Our Methodology Explained

A growing number of companies are making a deep impact on consumers and businesses through innovation. Rather than providing the same services for years, these companies are creating new products and making major strategic improvements. As a result, they are outgrowing their competitors and helping to drive the economy forward. Through their innovative approach, these companies are helping to shape a brighter future for the world.

The Fintech 50, a list of the most influential financial technology companies, recently announced changes to their selection criteria. Rather than basing the list solely on quantitative metrics or requiring a certain level of revenue or number of customers, the Fintech 50 is now open to startups of any size. However, the companies selected will often be venture-backed startups, since these businesses are usually best equipped to drive industry change. Public companies or their subsidiaries are still not eligible for the Fintech 50.

Every candidate up for consideration is judged on more than just their qualifications - other important criteria is taken into account too. This includes taking into account character traits such as integrity, work ethic, and creativity.

  • In a year of unprecedented growth for the industry, one company stands out among the competition. Over the last year, XYZ has seen an impressive surge in sales and user growth, far outpacing the gains seen by its rivals. XYZ’s sales have doubled since last year, a remarkable feat considering the already aggressive growth of the industry.
  • Tech startup, XYZ, is on the brink of revolutionizing the industry with their latest product. After months of hard work, the team is now ready to launch their product, opening up opportunities to a world of possibilities.
  • A new business model is shaking up the market with its innovative products and approach. The company's unique way of doing things has been turning heads due to its novel approach.
  • A new law has been passed that will require foreign companies to prove that they have significant operations or headquarters in the United States if they want to be able to do business here.
  • The leadership team at ABC Company is committed to promoting diversity. In order to ensure an inclusive and equitable workplace, the team has taken several steps to ensure that all members of the team understand the importance of diversity.
  • A new definition of fintech companies has been released, encompassing a wide range of areas such as banking, insurance, investing, payments, personal finance, real estate and Wall Street. In addition, this definition includes blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. This new definition allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the growing fintech industry, which is expected to continue to expand in the coming years. Businesses will be able to capitalize on these advances in technology and make their operations more efficient. It is evident that this new definition of fintech companies will be a valuable resource for businesses and investors in the financial sector.

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