Spritz Finance lets you pay bills with USDC, its new stablecoin.

Spritz Finance, a wallet service provider, has introduced the ability to pay real-world bills using USDC, which is the stablecoin it created.

Spritz Finance, a Web3 platform for DeFi users to easily pay their bills with crypto, announced today that its customers can now directly pay their bills from crypto wallets such as Metamask using USD Coin (USDC). The feature is available for Spritz private beta users active on the Polygon Network.

Spritz founder and CEO Chris Sheehan says that the new feature will aid in the company's efforts to connect decentralized and traditional finance, which is its primary goal.

“Our Direct Wallet Pay release helps us bridge TradFi to DeFi in the most straightforward way possible, by leveraging the world’s top crypto wallets and stablecoins like USDC together,” he said. “This brings us one step closer to our vision of connecting every smart contract and crypto wallet to real-world utility, and bringing web3 personal finance to more people with less complexity.”

Circle's USDC is a leading dollar-backed crypto that has become a mainstay in DeFi and the crypto capital markets, with more than $56 billion USDC in circulation as of June 30, 2022.

Using the Direct Wallet Pay feature of Spritz, users can pay their monthly bills, such as credit cards and utilities, using their USDC holdings instead of converting to fiat and off ramping to a bank.

Those who hold cryptocurrencies and use DeFi products on Polygon with US bank accounts are encouraged to join the Spritz waitlist by visiting spritz.finance, where they can request private beta access and join the Spritz beta community.

Spritz Finance is a big company that has

Spritz Finance enables bill-pay directly from crypto wallets and DeFi protocols - without the need of a bank - on its way to connecting every smart contract and every traditional use-of-funds in the entire world: from mortgage payments and credit cards to monthly utility bills and student loans. Through the company's first product, customers can schedule their bill payments from their crypto wallets without ever having to unwind their positions or offramp through a bank. The company is currently in closed beta with a waitlist, which can be joined on Spritz's website https://spritz.finance.