Soo.L.nio/r: Stocks still on the move, investors beware

Stocks are still moving up and down and investors are Soo.L.nio/r, following the rising likelihoods of a downturn in the economy|Market participants, therefore, cannot be relaxed while buying or selling stocks since they might be wrong

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As investors returned from the holiday weekend, they were faced with renewed fears of a looming recession. In addition, shares of Tesla fell after the electric vehicle maker reported fewer deliveries than last quarter.

   Investors are still “very anxious” and markets are choppy amid rising recession risks.  
  Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Investors are still "very worried" and markets are choppy amid rising risks of a recession.

"Bespoke Investment Group said in a recent note that stocks are likely to open down for the quarter, as they did at the start of 2022. "The recession fears are back again," Bespoke Investment Group said, "especially in Europe. The only question is how long and how deep it will be."


"Most people are still looking at market advances with skepticism," says Adam Crisafulli, founder of Vital Knowledge. "Sentiment is hardly bullish," he adds. "Investors are very anxious about the approaching earnings season."

What To Watch:

A lot of economic data will be released this week. Investors will closely watch the release of the June jobs report on Friday, which is expected to show that job growth slowed to 250,000 non-farm payrolls (from 390,000 in May), according to estimates from Dow Jones. The Federal Reserve will also release minutes from its latest policy meeting on Wednesday.

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