Shares in First Republic dropped dramatically, but quickly recovered as major financial institutions were said to be working on a plan to provide the company with $30 billion in aid.

In the early part of the day, shares of First Republic declined sharply by 30%, taking its stock to the lowest point it has been since it became publicly-traded 13 years ago. However, this downward trend reversed course in the afternoon.

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First Republic shares made a remarkable recovery on Thursday, as investors reacted to news that the struggling San Francisco-based regional bank could soon be saved by billions of dollars in fresh capital from larger financial institutions. This news came as a relief to investors, who had previously been concerned that First Republic could follow in the footsteps of its failed peer Silicon Valley Bank. Reportedly, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and other big banks are in talks to provide the necessary funds for the bank's revitalization.

First Republic is reeling from other smaller banks' failures.Getty Images

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Financial markets were sent into a tailspin following the sudden and unexpected unraveling of Silicon Valley Bank. In response to this, customers reportedly moved billions of dollars in funds from regional banks to larger banks such as Bank of America in an effort to protect their investments. However, even the largest U.S. banks have been unable to escape the effects of the market downturn, with the 10 largest banks losing an estimated $200 billion in market capitalization over the past week.

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Swiss bank Credit Suisse has been struggling for some time, but the situation might have changed for the better. The bank secured $54 billion in funding from Switzerland’s central bank on Thursday, helping to ease fears of its imminent collapse. The news was welcomed on Wall Street, as New York-listed shares of Credit Suisse jumped 6%. Analysts are optimistic that Credit Suisse will be able to use the funds to make a turnaround.

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Forbes has reported the biggest bank failure since the Great Recession has sparked fears of contagion, but analysts have labeled these fears as overblown. Despite the reassurances, however, the risks that remain are still considerable. This news follows the failure of California-based Pacific Premier Bank, which was declared insolvent by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation on July 24th.

The stock market took a major hit today as investors watched losses soar past $185 billion. Financial analysts have warned that if Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) fails, it could lead to intense regulatory scrutiny. The stock market took a dive today as bank losses topped $185 billion. Financial analysts have voiced concerns over the potential collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).