Second company deal this week: big discount!

This is the second deal the company has announced this week, noting that the price is significantly discounted.

This is a great move by CleanSpark, and is expected to increase their hashrate significantly. The acquisition of Mawson's bitcoin mining facility will allow them to expand their operations and increase their output. This is good news for the crypto community, as it will help to further legitimize the industry and increase its overall hashrate.

This is a great move by the company, adding 558 petahashes per second of computing power to their operation. This will help them to compete against other mining operations and keep their place in the market.

This is great news for the mining industry and for CleanSpark. The company's commitment to expanding its operations and supporting more miners is commendable. This will help to create more jobs and support the economy.

CleanSpark's aggressive consolidation in a bear market with high energy costs is impressive. On Thursday, the company announced a purchase agreement with Cryptech Solutions for 10,000 Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro units for a total price of R$ 28 million. This is a clear signal that CleanSpark is serious about becoming a major player in the cryptocurrency mining industry. With this move, CleanSpark is positioned to take advantage of the next bull market in cryptocurrency prices.

Looking to the future, CleanSpark appears to be doubling down on its bet that cryptocurrency mining will remain a lucrative endeavor. With the purchase of over 2,800 new miners, the company is clearly positioning itself to take advantage of any uptick in the market. With a variety of different miners in its stable, CleanSpark is also hedging its bets against any one particular coin or algorithm becoming dominant.

Looking ahead, CleanSpark plans to continue its focus on building infrastructure and ordering equipment months in advance. By doing so, the company hopes to continue to deploy capital quickly and efficiently, while also reducing the time between investment and return.