Q3 vs Q2: Net Profit Up 480.4%, Revenue Up 36.1%

The two most significant highlights in the comparison of Q3 with Q2 2022 were the 480.4% increase in net profit and the 36.1% increase in revenue.

The Messari reports show that the TRON ecosystem is continuing to grow and thrive. The number of USDD holders has increased by 480.4% in the past quarter, and the Total Value Locked in TRON has increased by 71%. These numbers indicate that TRON is becoming increasingly stable and secure, which is good news for the future of the ecosystem.

USDD Remains Strong Despite Economic Downturn

The State of USDD report provides insights into the performance, issuance, deposits, reserve balance, user adoption, transactions, price analysis, and total value locked for the USDD stablecoin. The report also includes qualitative analysis on subjects such as monetary policy and the peg stability module (PSM).

The USDD Report provides key insights into the current state of the economy and the financial markets. The report includes data on economic indicators, asset prices, and interest rates.

  • It's been a wild ride for Bitcoin over the past year. After seeing rapid adoption in the second quarter of 2022, things slowed down a bit in the third quarter. However, even though the supply of Bitcoin only grew by 0.2% in the third quarter of 2022, the number of wallets holding the currency increased by nearly 5 times. This shows that there is still strong demand for Bitcoin, even if the supply growth has stalled.
  • The stablecoin industry continues to grow and remains well backed by non-native currencies. The collateral ratio remains strong at 1.9, indicating that the industry is in a good position to weather any potential storms.
  • It is clear that the USDD stablecoin is here to stay. Despite the recent collapse of the UST and depegging of the USDT, the USDD has maintained a tight peg and launched its Peg Stability Module (PSM) using USDT, USDC, TUSD, and USDJ.

As the USDD continues to grow in popularity, it is clear that Justin Sun's vision is becoming a reality. USDD is now available on three different blockchains, and its supply has grown to over 725 million. This growth is expected to continue, as more and more people discover the benefits of using USDD. With its low fees and convenient peg to the US dollar, USDD is quickly becoming the go-to stablecoin for many cryptocurrency users.

I am very pleased with the way things are going so far. Our aspiration to become a leading provider of news and information appears to have a very solid start. I am confident that we will continue to grow and expand our reach in the months and years to come.

The Messari Report noted that “TRX holders are likely the greatest beneficiaries of USDD adoption, given the potential reduction in circulating supply should adoption grow.” A growing number of partnerships, like TRON becoming the National Blockchain of Dominica and the Huobi Global Advisory Board promising to leverage USDD in pairs with all crypto on their exchange, will likely result in greater user adoption of USDD over the coming years. TRX holders stand to benefit greatly from the adoption of USDD, as the circulating supply of TRX is reduced. With more partnerships and exchanges promising to use USDD, it is likely that more people will begin using it, resulting in even more benefits for TRX holders.

TRON's State of the Union: A Look Back at 2018

This report provides a comprehensive overview of TRON's development, ecosystem, and performance. It also offers insights into TRON's TVL, strategy, and challenges, as well as a forecast of the road ahead. This is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in tracking TRON's progress and understanding its potential.

The TRON Report provides key insights into the TRON network, including its performance, governance, and ecosystem.

  • It is clear that the TRON network is continuing to exhibit strength, even after the launch of USDD in May 2022. This is a positive sign for the future of the network, and indicates that it is here to stay.
  • The total amount of stake and total engaged stake has increased drastically since May 2022. This is good news for the future of the cryptocurrency market, as it indicates that more people are interested in investing and holding onto their digital assets.
  • The rapid growth in the TVL of digital assets is driven by three unique wallets that have deposited approximately $1.6 billion in various assets. This trend is likely to continue as more investors seek to diversify their portfolios with digital assets.
  • The TRON DAO Reserve has announced the crypto-native market maker Wintermute as its ninth whitelisted member. This move gives Wintermute the authority to maintain the peg of USDD, making it a key player in the TRON ecosystem. With this announcement, the TRON DAO Reserve is reaffirming its commitment to providing a stable and reliable platform for its users.
  • With the GreatVoyage-v4.5.2 upgrade, nodes will be able to synchronize more quickly and transactions will be processed more efficiently. This will help to improve the overall performance of the network and make it more user-friendly.
  • It is possible that USDD could help to enhance TRON's Resource Model that encourages deflation, if USDD becomes more widely used as is currently happening. This would happen because there would be more demand for the use of USDD, which would in turn increase its value.

The Messari Report offered some complimentary insights in their Ecosystem and Development Overview of TRON. They noted that the TRON network is well-positioned to become a leading blockchain platform, thanks to its strong technical team and supportive community.

“The majority of Layer-1 blockchains and their respective ecosystems have experienced declines in the first half of 2022. For most, Total Value Locked (TVL) declined further in Q3 2022, due to a continuation in negative market sentiment and looming regulatory concerns. TRON, however, managed to insulate itself from adverse market conditions by growing its TVL by 61% QoQ.”

The TRON DAO community is thrilled with the encouraging conclusions from the Messari research team. Both reports noted the stabilizing effect of USDD’s collateralization, adoption, and future use cases, as well as the remarkable strength of TRON TVL. These findings confirm that TRON is well on its way to becoming a major player in the cryptocurrency space.

TRON DAO: The Future of Decentralized Governance

I believe that TRON DAO has the potential to truly accelerate the decentralization of the internet. With its community-governed structure and focus on blockchain technology and dApps, I think TRON DAO could be a major force in making the internet more decentralized.

Messari, a crypto research firm, has released two new reports on the TRON ecosystem and the stablecoin USDD. The first report looks at the TRON ecosystem and assesses its strengths and weaknesses.