Pascal Gauthier: Optimistic about Future of Crypto and Web 3.0

Pascal Gauthier, CEO of Ledger, is optimistic about the future of crypto and web 3.0 despite the bear market.

The future for crypto remains very bright according to the CEO of Ledger, Pascal Gauthier. Gauthier explained that the recent downward price action in Bitcoin has not brought interest in crypto to a standstill. He believes that the interest in and adoption of cryptocurrencies will continue to grow in the coming years.

“Bitcoin might be down, but people are buying NFTs and you know, they're participating in communities.”

The conference was a Bitcoin maxi-style affair, where royalty and Bitcoin hobbyists rubbed shoulders to nurture Bitcoin adoption in France. Gauthier voiced his opinion while sitting in front of the doors to the Biarritz Grand Casino, home to France’s largest Bitcoin conference. He believes that the conference was a great opportunity to increase Bitcoin adoption in France.

There is no question that competition is good for innovation. However, when it comes to Bitcoin, it is important to remember that there is a use case for the currency that goes beyond simply investment. People use Bitcoin because it is a convenient and secure way to transact. This is why the question of product fit is so important when it comes to Bitcoin. The currency has a real and tangible use case that is only going to grow in popularity as time goes on.

It's bittersweet to see an increase in sales of Ledger products, as it means that people are learning the hard way about the importance of holding their own keys. However, it's good to see that people are taking steps to protect their crypto assets. Gauthier's warning is a reminder that we all need to be vigilant about safeguarding our digital wealth.

Gauthier is optimistic about the future of crypto. He believes that metaverse, crypto gaming and Web3 technology will play a big role in the space. He admits that it is still early days for the crypto world but he is hopeful for the future.