NFTs: The Future of Copyright and Ownership?

NFTs could potentially enable creators to generate revenue from their work, but unresolved issues around copyright and ownership mean that creators don't yet have true control over their creations.

Course Work: How to Ace It

Dance and the Blockchain seminar. (Jorge Poveda Yanez)
Jorge Poveda Yanez will be discussing how the blockchain can be used in the world of dance at a seminar on the topic.

Conversations on Commoditization: How to Keep Your Business Competitive

Jorge Poveda Yánez during “Dance and the Blockchain” three-day workshop. (Jorge Poveda Yanez)
Jorge Poveda Yánez is a dynamic and innovative thinker, and his work on the blockchain is truly groundbreaking. He is a true pioneer in the field, and his work is sure to have a major impact on the way the world does business.