New Update: You Can Now List & Buy Up to 30 Items in One Transaction

The company said that users can now list and buy up to 30 items in a single transaction.

OpenSea is revolutionizing the digital collectibles market with its new bulk listing and purchasing feature. Now, users can list and purchase up to 30 digital collectibles in a single flow, making it easier and more convenient than ever to buy and sell crypto collectibles. With this new feature, OpenSea is making it easier for users to trade digital collectibles, and we believe that this will help to grow the market for NFTs and other digital assets.

This new bulk-buying feature from the platform will be a great help to users, allowing them to add up to 30 items from the same chain to their cart before finalizing their purchases in a single transaction. This will help reduce costs associated with gas fees, and make the process more convenient and streamlined.

“In your collected items tab you can access bulk listings by clicking on the “+” symbol when you hover over an item card or by clicking “list for sale” in the "More Options" drop-down. You’ll then be able to select up to 30 items to list at once.”

This is a great move by the digital marketplace, as it will allow creators to launch their NFT collections on their own dedicated drop pages. This will increase visibility and discoverability on the marketplace's new homepage, and hopefully lead to more sales and success for creators.

I think this is a great move by Warner Music Group to partner with an NFT marketplace. This will allow them to reach a new audience of music fans who are interested in buying and selling NFTs. This could be a great way for Warner Music Group to promote their artists and grow their fanbase.

OpenSea's recent innovations couldn't have come at a more critical time. The platform has seen a massive decline in daily and monthly transactions, going from $405.75 million in May to just $5 million in August. This sharp decrease is sure to cause concern for the future of the marketplace. However, with new features and a renewed focus on user experience, OpenSea is positioned to weather the storm and come out stronger than ever.