More than 364,114 addresses participated in minting XEN tokens, resulting in a two-day surge in Ethereum

More than 364,114 wallet addresses participated in the minting of XEN tokens, resulting in a two-day surge in Ethereum network gas fees. On October 9th, gas fees reached 200wei at one point.

The recent explosion of the XEN Crypto project has caught the attention of the crypto community. The minting of its token, XEN, has attracted over 364,114 wallet addresses and caused a surge in gas fees on the Ethereum network. According to Ultrasound data, the ETH burned during the minting process reached 2,271 on October 10, accounting for 19.46% of the total burning of the Ethereum network on that day. This event has once again shown the power of the Ethereum network and the potential of Ethereum-based projects.

The cryptocurrency XEN has recently been listed on the trading platform MEXC, and has seen a significant price increase as a result. According to data from the Ethereum network, the circulating supply of XEN has now reached over 183 million, with over 68 million being deposited on MEXC – accounting for 37.36% of the total. MEXC has become the most liquid trading platform for XEN, and after the listing the price of XEN has risen from 0.0001USDT to a maximum of 0.018USDT – representing a gain of 17,900%.

The XEN Crypto project is a unique opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to get involved in a new mining project. The project is based on the Proof of Participation algorithm, which allows all participants to earn rewards for their involvement. The project also uses Ethereum-compatible wallets, which makes it easy for users to get started.

The XEN token mining program is a great way to earn rewards while supporting the network. The more participants that join in, the more difficult it becomes to mine XEN tokens. However, the longer you lock your tokens up, the more rewards you will earn. So it's definitely worth considering joining the XEN mining community!

I believe that the XEN Crypto project has great potential. The initiator, Jack Levin, is an open-source technology expert with a lot of experience. He was Google's 21st employee, so he knows a thing or two about how to create successful projects. I think that the XEN Crypto project has the potential to be a major success.

As a serial entrepreneur and early investor in Google, Jack Levin has been at the forefront of the tech industry for many years. His latest venture is in the field of encryption, and he has been working on this project for the past few years. The team he has assembled for this venture includes experts in computer science, communications, software and product development, marketing and investment. With their combined knowledge and experience, they are well-positioned to make a significant impact in the field of encryption.

The identity of "Jack Levin Google Employee 21" has been called into question by some members of the XEN Crypto community. Some analysts have pointed out that the real No. 21 employee at Google is Marissa Mayer, not Jack Levin. However, "Jack Levin" is an early employee of Google, and his LinkedIn profile does not yet show any experience with XEN Crypto or any involvement in its creation. There is no actual evidence to prove that Levin is behind the project, but the community will no doubt continue to investigate.

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