Mohapatra and Hirji: The New Legal Counsel and Tipster

Manas Mohapatra and Asiff Hirji came to the company in the roles of legal counsel and tipster.

Trust Machines, a developer that is building applications to grow the Bitcoin economy, has hired Manas Mohapatra and Asiff Hirji from BNY Mellon (BK) and Coinbase (COIN), respectively, in legal and advisory positions.

  • Mohapatra was appointed to the position of general counsel by Trust Machines, after having worked in a similar role at BNY Mellon. Hirji, who was previously Coinbase's chief operating officer, will serve as an adviser for the company.
  • In February, Trust Machines received $150 million in funding from Breyer Capital, Digital Currency Group (parent company of CoinDesk), and Union Square Ventures to expand Bitcoin as a Web3 platform. Muneeb Ali, founder of Stacks, and Princeton University computer science professor J.P. Singh founded Trust Machines.
  • The company intends to build on the work of Stacks, a Bitcoin programming layer, in making the network compatible for smart contracts.
  • "Muneeb and his team's work on bringing smart contracts to Bitcoin is unique," Hirji said. "The Stacks layer for Bitcoin will make it possible to use both EVM compatible and other safe programming environments. I'm looking forward to working with Muneeb on growing the Bitcoin economy."
  • Trust Machines has hired Igor Sylvester, who previously worked at Facebook (FB) and Reddit, to its engineering team.