MetaMask has released a software development kit (SDK) that allows users to access and interact with Web3 games.

MetaMask, a prominent Ethereum wallet provider, has introduced new software which allows developers to connect their Web3-based gaming programs to the MetaMask platform.

MetaMask, the popular Ethereum wallet, is introducing a new feature that will revolutionize the gaming industry. Developers will now be able to integrate their games with the MetaMask wallet, giving users the opportunity to interact with Web3-enabled features within the game itself. This new feature could potentially pave the way for further integration of blockchain technologies within the gaming industry, allowing users to experience levels of security and convenience that were previously unavailable.

Unity, one of the world's leading game engines, has announced a collaboration with MetaMask, a popular crypto wallet, to bring Web3 gaming to the masses. The move promises to revolutionize the gaming industry by allowing users to interact with games in new and innovative ways.

“Our listing in Unity will bring web3 values to the gaming industry. It’s a whole new era for gaming devs.”

The Unity Asset Store recently added verified SDKs from seven blockchain networks, making it easier for developers to integrate decentralized applications into the Unity platform.

Take Gaming to the Next Level with MetaMask

A major development in the world of Web3 has emerged as MetaMask, ConsenSys, and Infura recently unveiled their Web3 early adopter program called Sidequest. This program has the aim of helping gaming developers transition to Web3, and to make this transition possible, a $100,000 grant and guidance is being offered. This is a huge step forward for the industry and will enable gaming developers to make the most out of what Web3 has to offer.

A new report has revealed that Web3 games are currently experiencing a surge in popularity, with an estimated one million users connected across 48 blockchains daily. The report also highlighted the potential for further growth, noting that the prospects for the industry are immense. The games are known for their unique capabilities that allow users to interact with each other and experience a new level of interactivity.

MetaMask, one of the leading digital wallets, has been pushing the envelope on innovation with their latest upgrade. On April 8th, they announced the addition of new privacy features to their already robust platform. This marks yet another step forward for the service, which has been continuously improving and evolving in the past few years.

A new report has found that blockchain gaming activity is on the rise, with 858,621 daily unique active wallets in January. According to the report, the activity made up 48% of the total dapp activity in the same period. On-chain data revealed a 1.3% increase in overall blockchain gaming activity. The report suggests that blockchain gaming is becoming increasingly popular and is one of the most active sectors in the dapp space.

"Undead Blocks: New Game Taking the World by Storm!"

Grant Haseley, a former Goldman Sachs analyst, made a groundbreaking announcement on February 28th: Undead Blocks, the first cloud-based FPS game, is now available on ImmutableX. This marks a new era in cloud gaming and is a major milestone for Web3. Haseley stated that Undead Blocks will bring a new level of gaming experience to ImmutableX, allowing players to compete in fast-paced FPS battles with ultra-smooth visuals.

Haseley's Wagyu Games Studio has released a thrilling new zombie survival game for players to enjoy. The free-to-play, kill-to-earn multiplayer first-person shooter is sure to be a hit with fans of zombie horror. Players will take on the challenge of surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, competing against each other to see who can survive the longest.

Immutable, the blockchain-based gaming platform, has announced that Andrew Sorokovsky has been appointed as Vice President of Global Business Development. This move comes as part of Immutable's plans to expand its reach and capitalize on the growth of blockchain-based gaming.

“Undead Blocks is exactly the right combination of innovative tech and approachable, inclusive gameplay poised to give a massive push to the mass adoption of web3 gaming,”