Investors Believe XRP Lawsuit Will Increase Price By 50%

XRP investors believe that if they win their lawsuit against the SEC, the price of XRP will increase by at least 50%.

The XRP community is hoping that the token will see a massive price rally in 2022, based on the assumption that Ripple will win its long-running legal battle against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). If Ripple is successful in this case, it could mean big things for the XRP token, which has been struggling in recent months.

Hinman: XRP is not a security, but documents could save bulls?

I believe that the release of these documents will help to shed light on the SEC's decision-making process and why they ultimately decided to pursue this case. This will be an important step in ensuring transparency and accountability within the agency.

Hinman's views on Ethereum's native token, Ether (ETH), are likely to be well received by the Ripple community. His proclamation that ETH is not a security at the Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit in June 2018 is in line with Ripple's own beliefs. This could help to further legitimize Ethereum and its native token in the eyes of the wider cryptocurrency community.

I believe that Ripple's defense could use Hinman's writing as evidence that XRP should not be treated as a security. I think that the SEC's lawsuit is misguided and that Hinman's writing supports Ripple's position that XRP is not a security. I believe that this lawsuit will ultimately be decided in Ripple's favor, and that XRP will be recognized as a valid cryptocurrency.

It is clear that investors are cautiously optimistic about the future of XRP, given its recent ousting from many regulated crypto exchanges. While the digital asset remains one of the top cryptocurrencies, it has yet to reclaim or establish a record high during the 2020-2021 crypto market boom. This reflects the current sentiment among investors and highlights the need for continued vigilance when it comes to this digital asset.

Some might argue that XRP is undervalued compared to other top-ranking cryptocurrencies from a technical analysis perspective. If Ripple wins its court case, that could change, given that the token rallied 20% in a day after Judge Torres's order.

The CFTC commissioner has proposed the creation of a new office focused on protecting retail crypto investors. This is a positive development, as it will help to safeguard the growing number of individuals who are investing in cryptocurrencies.

Resistance and confluence: two powerful forces working together.

Looking at XRP from a technical standpoint, it looks like it is just one breakout away from posting a 50% price rally. This would be a huge move for the cryptocurrency, and could signal even more upside in the future.

The token is currently testing a resistance at $0.57, which is a key level to watch. If the token can break above this level, it could signal a major shift in the market.

XRP/USD weekly price chart. Source: TradingView
The XRP/USD weekly price chart looks promising, with the price currently trading above the $0.30 level.

There is no doubt that XRP is a volatile currency, and its recent breakout has investors wondering what will happen next. Some believe that XRP could rally up to $0.72, while others believe it could pull back to $0.31. No matter what happens, it is sure to be a wild ride for investors.

I don't think XRP is a good investment at all. The whole thing is basically one big court case waiting to happen. I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

"If they win the whole case $XRP giga pumps. if they lose it’ll be a nice -50% candle. Also, an $XRP loss would make other cryptos more vulnerable to attack, so you better cheer them on."