Invest in H&R Block for $0.29 Per Share Dividend

If you invest in H&R Block before the market closes tomorrow, you will receive a $0.29 per share dividend. This company has been performing well since January and continues to be a good investment.

Investors who are looking for a reliable dividend-paying stock may want to consider H&R Block (HRB). The tax preparation firm has been a strong performer in the Forbes Dividend Investor portfolio, and it is trading ex-dividend tomorrow. If you execute the trade before the market closes, you'll earn the $0.29 per share dividend.

H&R Block is a buy right now. The company is doing well and its stock price is on the rise.

Buy 100 HRB
Sell to Open 1 October 21 $45 Calls
Execute for Net Debit of $42.60 or lower

H&R Block is a tax preparation firm that offers assisted and do-it-yourself tax return preparation services through multiple channels. The company also distributes H&R Block-branded financial products and services.

H&R Block office in San Ramon, CaliforniaGado via Getty Images
The H&R Block office in San Ramon, California is a great place to go for tax help. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and they can help you with all of your tax needs.

The stock is expected to grow 2.7% this year, with earnings up 7%. The current market selloff has not impacted the stock much.

This buy write is a great way to get exposure to the housing market while also earning some income from selling options. By buying 100 shares of HRB and selling 1 October 21 call, you're able to participate in any upside potential in the stock while also collecting a premium of $2.60.

I believe that HRB will close above $45 at expiration and we would earn $2.69 per share. This would be a great return on investment for us and I believe that it is achievable.

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HRB $45 October 21
The HRB $45 October 21 call options are looking like they could be a good investment at the moment.

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