Insurance: A Personal Purchase

Insurance is always a personal purchase and always will be.

In the last 36 months, we have seen a rapid change in the insurance sector, especially in the life insurance vertical. Many new startups are coming in and changing an old-fashioned industry by bringing a technology-based approach to buying insurance. However, relying too much on technology is not the answer: insurance has always been (and always will be) a personal purchase.

I envision a future where quality is the gold standard in everything we do. No longer will we accept mediocrity or second-best.

Quility is leading the charge in changing the insurance industry for the better. By offering more digitally underwritten insurance products and building tailored client engagement tools, Quility is making it easier for agents to do their job and providing them with the resources they need to succeed. This tech-forward approach is improving the agent experience and making insurance more accessible for everyone.

Startups that dismissed need for agent now backtracking

The personalization and service that comes with working with an insurance agent is essential, and Quility is leading the charge in combining the best of both worlds: amazing technology with the human element that makes all the difference.

At Quility, we merge the best attributes of a human, like empathy and the ability to engage with a client, with next-generation mobile digital tools, multi-source lead flow, and advanced customer analytics to meet the needs of our agents and clients,” said Quility Co-Founder and CEO Casey Watkins. Casey's vision for Quility is to create a company that provides agents and clients with the best possible experience by using cutting-edge technology and customer-focused analytics. Follow Casey on LinkedIn here to learn more about his vision for the company.

Quility empowers agents with technology instead of replacing them.

As someone who works in the insurance industry, I believe that agents play a vital role in providing personalized service and support to their clients. Quility's digital enablement tools are a great way for agents to stay connected with their clients and provide them with the best possible service. With these tools, agents can track business metrics, engage with clients, underwrite policies, and customize coverage. This allows them to secure the best possible policies for their clients at a price that fits their budget.

Why improved underwriting is so important for insurers

What we've learned from the rise of insurtech is that digital underwriting is crucial. Streamlining the application process for clients, including collecting health information securely and efficiently, is key. Fully digitally underwritten products allow clients to get coverage entirely online in just a few minutes.

This is an exciting development for Quility and its agents! Quility Level Term is a 100% online term life insurance product that offers an instant decision, flexible term lengths, competitive riders, and simplified underwriting with a policy delivered to the client’s inbox in less than 10 minutes. This makes it a great choice for those who are looking for an affordable, convenient life insurance option.

With its focus on speed and affordability, Quility Level Term is just the beginning for Quility. The company is keenly focused on ease and customization, and is slated to expand its portfolio of digitally underwritten products in the coming months. This will allow Quility to offer even more choice and flexibility to its customers.

Automation = increased client engagement

Quility's new client engagement platform, Switchboard, is designed to help agents work more efficiently and engage with more clients. With Switchboard, agents can automate various aspects of their work, from initial outreach to appointment setting and providing clients with a seamless omnichannel purchasing experience. This platform is sure to help Quility agents better serve their clients and grow their business.

Quility Transforms the Agent Experience

Quility is a cutting-edge company that is transforming the real estate industry. Our agents are equipped with the best technology and tools available to help them create a transformative impact through their business. To learn more, visit