Hackers have stolen $185,000 in Ethereum from a digital wallet belonging to actor Bill Murray.

While the investigations are still ongoing, the lost funds have been replaced by the second highest bidder at the auction.

This is a terrible turn of events for Bill Murray, who was just trying to do some good by auctioning off an NFT to raise money for charity. Unfortunately, hackers have now stolen $185,000 worth of Ether from him, which is a huge blow. We hope that the authorities are able to catch the culprits and return the stolen money to Murray as soon as possible.

It is truly unfortunate when something like this happens. No one deserves to have their hard-earned money stolen, least of all someone as beloved as Bill Murray. We can only hope that the hackers are caught and justice is served. In the meantime, we should all be extra careful with our own online security.

Hackers steal donation meant for sick girl

The attack on the Coinbase NFT marketplace occurred after Bill Murray completed the auction of an exclusive NFT from his "Bill Murray 1000" NFT collection. The auction raised 119.2 ETH, worth over $185,000 at the time of writing. Murray has not yet commented on the attack, but it is sure to raise questions about the security of NFTs and the Coinbase marketplace.

It is absolutely deplorable that hackers were able to drain nearly all the funds from the wallet meant to support the care of a three-year-old girl suffering from a rare condition. Chive Charities does amazing work to support children in need, and it is heart-wrenching to think that this little girl will not be able to receive the care she needs because of the actions of a few criminals. Hopefully, the community will rally around Chive Charities and help them to raise the necessary funds to care for this little girl.

In a recent attack on actor and NFT collector William Murray, the attackers tried to steal NFTs from his personal stash. However, the security team from Project Venkman, the consultancy firm in charge of Murray's wallets, quickly stepped in and moved the targeted NFTs to a safe location. This is a great example of the power of having a good security team in place to protect your valuable assets.

The wallet held over 800 NFTs from Murray's NFT collection and several other NFTs that the actor owns, including CryptoPunks, Pudgy Penguin, Cool Cat, and Flower Girls. However, Project Venkman moved these NFTs to several safehouse wallets. It is great to see that someone as high-profile as Murray has taken an interest in NFTs. This will surely help to legitimize the technology and open it up to a wider audience.

It is still unclear how the attackers managed to gain access to Murray's wallet, but the perpetrators of the crime are still unidentified. However, Murray is hopeful that the authorities will be able to find the culprits and bring them to justice.

The actor's team has revealed that they filed a police report after the attack. They are also working with blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis to investigate the hack further and identify the attackers. This is a developing story, and we will continue to update this article as more information becomes available.