Despite all the challenges, large stocks are reaching new heights.

Even with the possibility of interest rates increasing and regional banks experiencing difficulties, a few stocks are still reaching new peaks.

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Stocks on the rise- investors around the world are celebrating a new high in stock prices. After months of uncertainty in the market, the surge in stocks is a welcome breath of fresh air for investors.

Investors have been keeping an eye on Company X and its stocks, which have been steadily rising despite tumultuous conditions in the market. With Russia still engaged in its conflict over Ukraine, and a “pivot” set to happen at some point, many are wondering if Company X can continue to outperform the rest of the market. Those that are investing in the company believe that it is worth further research, and will be watching to see if they can make it through the difficult times ahead.

A powerhouse in the stock market, Company XYZ has seen tremendous success in recent years. With a market capitalization of $49 billion, the stock trades at an impressive price-earnings ratio of 38 and has experienced an impressive 5-year earnings growth of 62%. This year's earnings also stand at 62%, further demonstrating the company's continued success despite the current market conditions. What's more, Company XYZ boasts no long term debt, and does not pay dividends, making it an attractive option for investors.

Arista Networks Inc daily price chart, 3 18
Arista Networks Inc (ANET) saw an uptick in share price on March 18th, according to a daily price chart from The data shows that ANET's share price rose from open to close, a positive sign for the company's stock.

Cadence Design Systems (NASDAQ: NDAQ) is on the rise! The company, which develops electronics systems designs for semiconductor and system companies, is based in San Jose, California, and has seen a remarkable surge in capitalization over the past five years. In 2020, Cadence Design Systems’ market capitalization is at an all-time high of $56 billion, and its earnings are up by an impressive 23% in the past year. Investors have seen a 51% increase in earnings over the past five years, making Cadence Design Systems a profitable and promising investment opportunity.

Cadence Design, the tech giant, is enduring a volatile period on the stock market. Currently, its stock is trading at a price-earnings ratio of 67, with an average daily volume of 1.55 million shares. However, investors should be aware that the company does not pay a dividend. Analysts have opined that the stock price could be affected significantly if the company fails to revive investor confidence.

Cadence Design Systems Inc daily price chart, 3 18
Cadence Design Systems Inc (CDNS) saw its stock price rise on Tuesday, according to the daily price chart from The company’s stock opened at $35.21 and rose throughout the day, closing at $36.41.

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Osisko Gold Royalties (NYSE: OR) is experiencing a major boost in their valuation due to a renewed interest in precious metals. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, OR has seen their market capitalization rise to an impressive $3.54 billion with a healthy price-earnings ratio of 21. The company has invested in a total of 175 gold royalties around the world, providing them with a steady stream of income from the lucrative resource. Analysts are predicting a continued rise in the stock's value, making it an attractive option for investors.

Osisko Corporation has had an extremely successful year, with its 12-month earnings increasing by an impressive 690%. Over the past 5 years, its growth has been even more impressive, increasing by a total of 35%. These impressive figures are further demonstrated by Osisko's shareholder equity, which has greatly exceeded its long-term debt. As a reward to its shareholders, the company has paid out a dividend of 1.48%. Osisko's stock is also outperforming other companies in the same sector, as well as in most other sectors.

Osisko Gold Royalties daily price chart, 3 18
Osisko Gold Royalties (OR) experienced a volatile day on the stock market on March 18th, with their stock price fluctuating throughout the day.

On March 16th, Bank of America Securities changed their opinion of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company (NYSE: TAK) from “neutral” to “buy” and set a price target of $20. Japanese-based Takeda has a market capitalization of $50.78 billion and a price-earnings ratio of 24. The stock trades at 1.10 times book value and pays a 6.45% dividend. Despite a 5 year decline of .10%, the company's earnings are down by 39% this year. Bank of America's new “buy” rating is encouraging investors to purchase shares of Takeda.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals daily price chart, 3 18

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