Crocs' Fourth Quarter 2018 Earnings: What to Expect

Crocs is set to release its earnings for the fourth quarter of 2018 on Thursday, and investors are eager to see how the company has performed. Here's a closer look at what to expect from Crocs' earnings release.

Vandalia - Circa October 2022: Crocs Distribution Center. Crocs are an immensely popular brand of ... [+] foam clogs, shoes and sandals.getty
It's hard to believe that it's been nearly 10 years since Crocs first burst onto the scene. The brand has come a long way since then, and today their distributions center is based right here in Vandalia.

The Street is expecting Crocs Inc. to report strong earnings before Thursday's open. The stock has hit a record high of $183.88/share in 2021 and is currently trading near $68/share. The stock is prone to big moves after reporting earnings and can easily gap up if the numbers are strong. Conversely, if the numbers disappoint, the stock can easily gap down.

As we head into earnings season, there are a few key things to keep an eye on. First, watch for companies that are beating earnings estimates.

The company is expected to report a gain of $2.57/share on $942.24 million in revenue. This is good news for the company, as it indicates that they are doing well financially. The Whisper number is $2.65/share, which is the Street's unofficial view on earnings. This number is slightly higher than the company's reported gain, which means that analysts are optimistic about the company's future prospects.

Charts & Data Courtesy MarketSmith Inc.Charts & Data Courtesy MarketSmith Inc.
As a news article, I would like to see more charts and data courtesy of MarketSmith Inc. in the future. I think that this would be a great way to keep readers informed and up-to-date on the latest market information.

As we take a closer look at the fundamentals of the stock market, we can see that there are a lot of factors to consider when investing.

There are few companies that can boast of strong growth in both earnings and sales in recent quarters, but this company has managed to do just that. Even more impressive is the fact that its return on equity (ROE) has been nearly 200% for each of the past three quarters. This is a very strong performance, especially considering the current weak economic conditions.

The technicals of a stock are the aspects that pertain to the company's financials and operations.

The outlook for the stock market is highly uncertain, with many experts predicting further falls in the coming months. However, some bulls believe that the recent falls are a buying opportunity, and that the stock will recover in the long term. Bears, on the other hand, believe that the stock will continue to fall in the short term, and that further losses are on the horizon.

As a news article, I would advise readers to pay attention to how the stock reacts to the news.

I think that the most important trait to look for during earnings season is how the market and a specific company reacts to the news. I believe that it is important to keep your losses small, and never argue with the tape.

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