Cardano's Vasil Hard Fork: Getting Closer and Closer

Cardano is getting closer and closer to one of its most important upcoming upgrades, the Vasil Hard Fork. IOG, the developer behind Cardano, is working hard to make sure everything is ready for the big day.

The Vasil Hard Fork is one of the most important upgrades to the Cardano network yet, and it is getting closer every day. IOG, the developer behind the Cardano network, had outlined three important milestones that the network needed to reach for the hard fork to be triggered. With the first of the three metrics already met at this time, the upgrade is closer than it has ever been, as confirmed by the developer. This is a big step forward for Cardano, and it is exciting to see the network continuing to evolve and improve.

Cardano is Nearing Its First Hard Fork

The Vasil hard fork upgrade is now well underway, with more than 80% of all mainnet blocks being produced by Vasil nodes. This upgrade is a major step forward for the Vasil network, and will help to ensure its continued success.

The Cardano network is on track to hit its second metric for the Vasil-supported nodes, with more than 70% of DApps confirming successful pre-production testing. This is a positive sign for the future of the Cardano network, and indicates that it is well on its way to becoming a major player in the blockchain space.

The hard fork is the final step in the Cardano Shelley upgrade process, and it is expected to trigger increased ADA liquidity and support from exchanges. This upgrade is designed to improve the decentralization and scalability of the Cardano network, and it is hoped that it will help the network to become one of the leading blockchain platforms in the world.

IOG has confirmed that two crypto exchanges are fully ready for the hard fork, with at least another 27 exchanges in the process of integrating. With only this metric left to hit and 5 of these exchanges said to be the top 5 exchanges for liquidity, the network is now in its final stages of implementing the Vasil upgrade. This is great news for the cryptocurrency community, as the Vasil upgrade is designed to improve the scalability and security of the IOG network. With more exchanges integrating the upgrade, we can expect the network to become even more robust and secure, providing users with even more peace of mind.

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While the price of Cardano's native token ADA is usually affected by important updates, the community has been waiting for the completion of the upgrade for more than two months.

The digital asset ADA continues to cling to the $0.44 level, despite bearish sentiment among investors. However, unlike in previous times, the ADA price has not been as responsive to news. This suggests that the market may be stabilizing, or that ADA may be a more reliable investment than before.

It's looking like the Cardano hard fork will be wrapped up within the next couple of weeks. However, with the current price of ADA not seeing any significant movement, it's unlikely that we'll see any large price increases in the near future.

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