Bankman-Fried: The Ghosts of Wall Street

Bankman-Fried never responded to his repeated attempts to contact them.

Jefferies Group's CEO Rich Handler unsuccessfully tried to get in touch with FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried earlier this year when the latter was offering bailouts to several troubled firms, according to a tweet from Handler. This revelation provides insight into the competitive landscape of the investment banking industry, as well as the challenges that firms face when trying to stay afloat. It will be interesting to see how FTX and Jefferies Group compete in the future, and whether or not other firms will follow in FTX's footsteps by offering bailouts to struggling businesses.

I believe that Handler's sharing of his "personal email trail" is a positive step towards transparency and accountability. I hope that this will encourage other public figures to be more open and honest about their communications.

  • It's fascinating to think about what the future may hold, and even more so when we see glimpses of it through events like this. In this case, we have a look at what could be happening in just a few short years, thanks to some leaked emails. Apparently, in July of 2022, someone received an email from an executive at FTX.
  • Handler's email read that he was willing to meet SBF, and expressed his experience when runs occur. He said that he had a lot of experience in this area, and wanted to help out.
“What he is going through is not going to pass as quickly as he might wish and you can quickly become the rescuee versus the rescuer if you are not careful.”
  • The businessman's request for a "lunch grab" in September in the Bahamas went unanswered.
  • In retrospect, Handler said that "even a boomer can be right sometimes, just like a broken clock."
  • It looks like FTX may be turning to Justin Sun for help after their deal with Binance fell through. This could be a big boost for Tron if the deal goes through.
  • The company's decision to sell all of its FTT tokens following Binance's announcement created a massive liquidity crisis. The resulting fallout has been devastating for the company, with many investors losing faith in FTX's ability to weather the storm. The full extent of the damage is still unknown, but it is clear that this is a major setback for the company.

It's no secret that the crypto industry is full of scams and fraudsters. So when the CEO of an investment bank tries to warn others about the potential collapse of a crypto exchange, it's definitely worth paying attention.