Asset Manager Partners with CF Benchmarks

The world's largest asset manager has teamed up with CF Benchmarks. This will allow the asset manager to offer more products and services to its clients.

It is clear that institutional investors are taking Bitcoin more seriously as an asset class. With the world's largest asset manager, BlackRock, now partnering with Kraken's subsidiary CF Benchmarks to assist with its newly established Bitcoin Trust, this is further evidence that Bitcoin is here to stay.

  • This is extremely positive news for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. BlackRock is one of the largest asset managers in the world, so their decision to launch a Bitcoin product using CF Benchmarks' indexes is a huge vote of confidence in the digital asset. This move will no doubt attract more institutional investors to the space and help to
  • The Payward Group, which owns and operates the Kraken crypto exchange, has acquired CF Benchmarks. The move will help the Payward Group expand its reach in the cryptocurrency market and provide CF Benchmarks' clients with access to Kraken's liquidity and trading capabilities.
  • I believe that crypto is here to stay and that institutions are increasingly taking notice. Despite the current bear market, I believe that interest in crypto is only going to grow. I believe that crypto will eventually be mainstream and that it will change the way we interact with the world.
  • I believe that the understanding of digital assets is increasing and that people are becoming more aware of the difference between assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. I think this is a positive trend as it shows that people are more interested in the underlying technology and are willing to invest in it.
  • It is clear that the demand for this product is high, and BlackRock would not have entered into this agreement unless they were confident in its success. Chung's remarks suggest that this product launch is just the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership between the two companies.
  • This is a huge step forward for the cryptocurrency industry, as it legitimizes Bitcoin and gives institutional investors a way to trade it without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. This is a big win for Coinbase, as it opens up a whole new market for them. Blackrock is one of the largest asset managers in the world, so this partnership is a big vote of confidence in Bitcoin.
  • Anthony Scarmucci of SkyBridge predicts that Blackrock's new Bitcoin product will create a demand shock that will push the price of Bitcoin higher. Scarmucci believes that institutional investors will flock to Bitcoin as a safe haven asset, driving up demand and prices.

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