Ankr has joined forces with Microsoft to provide node services for businesses.

The alliance will provide speedy blockchain links for online applications, allowing develpoers to maximize the amount of time devoted to enlarging their programs.

Microsoft has announced an exciting new partnership with decentralized blockchain infrastructure provider Ankr. Under the terms of the agreement, Microsoft will offer a novel node hosting service on its Azure Marketplace, while Ankr will provide its blockchain infrastructure technology to complement the Microsoft cloud solutions. This strategic partnership between the two powerhouses is set to have a significant impact on the blockchain industry. The new service will bring enhanced capabilities to both Microsoft customers and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

Per Ankr, an enterprise node deployment service, is set to revolutionize the way developers build Web3 projects. By offering low-latency blockchain connections, developers will be able to spend less time worrying about the technical intricacies of the blockchain and more time scaling their applications. Per Ankr’s service not only relays transactions, but also deploys smart contracts and can read or write blockchain data. This will make the entire process of creating and developing Web3 projects more efficient and cost-effective, allowing developers to focus their time and energy on perfecting the application they are building.

“The partnership, while an incredible milestone for Ankr, is also a key indicator of how far the decentralized web has come in integrating with the crucial players in every layer of web systems. The end result will be an era of extremely prolific building for blockchain-based applications from new Web3 projects as well as large enterprises entering the space.”

Microsoft is paving the way for a new era of technology, teaming up with a blockchain infrastructure provider to bring blockchain data to developers and organizations. Rashmi Misra, Microsoft’s general manager of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “Many developers and organizations are exploring how Web3 can help solve real-world business challenges, and our partnership with Ankr will enable them to access blockchain data in a reliable, scalable, and secure way.” This will help ensure that developers and organizations have the resources to implement blockchain-powered solutions and greatly expand the technology’s capabilities.

Microsoft, one of the leading technology giants, has made a major move on the cryptocurrency front. On May 14, 2021, Microsoft announced the shut down of its Azure Blockchain Service, without providing any official explanation. And now, over a year later, the company has gone one step further by banning cryptocurrency mining on its cloud services. Microsoft cited the need to protect its online services from cyber fraud, attacks, and unauthorized access to customer resources as the reason for the ban. The company noted that the ban would also help reduce the complexity and risks associated with cryptocurrency mining on its cloud services. Despite the ban, the company stated that it still remains open to exploring “other opportunities for customers to utilize the power of the cloud for their blockchain needs”.