Achieving the American Dream: Dr. Miriam Levitt Flisser Runs for Congress

Dr. Miriam Levitt Flisser, who was raised in the Bronx, was nominated by the Republican Party to run in New York’s Congressional District 16. Her photo would definitely appear under the term 'Achieving the American Dream.'

Dr. Miriam Levitt, an embodiment of the American Dream, is running for Congress.Harvey Flisser
Dr. Miriam Levitt, an embodiment of the American Dream, is running for Congress. I am so proud of Dr. Levitt for running for Congress! She is an amazing woman who has overcome so much in her life to get to where she is today.

I am excited to see Dr. Miriam Levitt Flisser nominated by the Republican Party to run for congress in New York’s Congressional District 16. Dr. Levitt Flisser is a Bronx-raised doctor who has dedicated her life to public service. I believe she will be an excellent representative for the people of New York.

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As the population of New York City continues to grow, so too does the need for representation in Congress.

Dr. Flisser is an exemplary pediatrician who has dedicated her career to serving her community. She is a Board Certified Diplomate of The American Board of Pediatrics and holds certification from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control as a Designated International Vaccine Center. In addition to her private practice, she serves as a pediatric consultant in several school districts in the Bronx and Westchester County. Flisser has also dedicated countless hours of community service, especially in the Bronx. She served as Mayor of Scarsdale from 2011-2013. Thanks to her dedication and commitment, children in her community have access to the best possible care.

I sat down with Dr. Flisser to discuss her platform, experience, and expertise. Dr. Flisser is running against Representative Jamaal Bowman. The election is November 8 and early voting starts October 29th. Dr. Flisser is a strong candidate who is passionate about her platform and has the experience and expertise to make a difference in her district. I encourage everyone to get out and vote for Dr. Flisser on November 8th!

I am running for Congress because I believe that I can make a difference in the lives of my constituents. I have a passion for public service and a track record of getting things done.

I have immense gratitude to America, and I am a strong believer in community service. These are also the reasons that I ran for Mayor of Scarsdale and served as the police commissioner and the fire commissioner. I was born in Eastern Europe, and was smuggled out under a mail truck. My parents and I were detained in a Displaced Persons camp in Germany. Brought to the U.S. on a Marine troop ship, I first saw the Statue of Liberty from the ship's deck. This affected me deeply, and I am still moved whenever I see her. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to live in America and to have been able to serve my community in various ways. My experiences have taught me the value of freedom and democracy, and I will always cherish the memories of those who fought for these values.

I am proud to be an immigrant and a product of the Bronx. I was able to attend the Bronx High School of Science and graduate from NYU's Bronx Campus thanks to the opportunities available in this great country. I then went on to receive my medical degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Today, I am running for Congress and hope to continue fighting for the best interests of all Americans.

I am proud to have been given the opportunity to volunteer in the Bronx throughout my life. I will never give up on the people of the Bronx! They are my community and I will always fight for them.

Dr. Miriam Levitt Flisser has been busy speaking to voters during her congressional campaign in New ... [+] York's 16th District.Harvey Flisser
As a doctor and congressional candidate, Miriam Levitt Flisser is committed to fighting for the best interests of her constituents. She has been busy speaking to voters and raising awareness about the issues that matter to them. Her husband, Harvey, has been by her side throughout the campaign, lending his support. Together, they are working to make a difference in their community.

As a professional, I have a background in news and media. I have worked as a journalist and have experience in both traditional and new media.

I have a pediatric practice in Bronxville, and I am also the Medical Director of the Bronxville School District. I am passionate about ensuring that all children have access to quality medical care, and I am proud to be able to serve the community in this way. I am also an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and I am committed to teaching the next generation of medical professionals.

I am proud to have served as the Chief of Pediatrics at Lawrence Hospital for fifteen years in a voluntary position, where I was elected as the first woman President of the Medical Staff. I have been a member of the Voluntary Staff at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx ever since I completed my training there. As a Physician Volunteer for FEMA and the Westchester County Medical Corps Disaster Response Team, I served during the current pandemic. It has been an honor to serve my community in this way, and I am grateful for the opportunity to help those in need.

As the country continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, New Yorkers are facing a range of challenges.

As a news article, I vision that the paragraph is supportive of police departments and their funding. I also opine that the attempts to defund the police are misguided and dangerous. I support the legislation that would provide more funding for the departments so that they can prevent crime.

There are a number of economic problems facing District 16. Among the most pressing are high rates of poverty and unemployment. Additionally, the district suffers from a lack of investment and poor infrastructure.

Inflation is a serious problem for all of us, increasing the costs of essentials like housing, gas, electricity, and food. The Fed's recent increase in the benchmark rate by seventy-five basis points will translate into higher mortgage and car loan rates, putting even more pressure on families. This persistent inflationary pressure hurts not only consumers, but also the corporate economy, as it reduces spending.

As a health care provider for children, I am aware of the economic pressures that their parents endure, and how these pressures affect the health of families. I recall the local community hardship when the North Tarrytown-Sleepy Hollow GM Auto Assembly plant was closed in 1996, exactly one hundred years after its opening. The plant had provided 49% of the total tax revenue for the village. Today, a number of US corporations are cutting jobs, and I fear that the gross mismanagement of our economy by the Administration and the Democrat Congress will result in a serious recession. We must change course on policies.

I would introduce legislation that would provide more funding for education and infrastructure. I believe that investing in our future is one of the most important things we can do as a country.

I support policies that create jobs and grow businesses, while also keeping our families safe. I know firsthand how hard working people can be, having worked in my father's food shop from a young age. I also understand the needs of my community, as a school doctor and practicing physician. I believe the government should respond to the problems facing our community, and I will continue to advocate for policies that improve the lives of all Americans.

It is my vision that we focus on creating better manufacturing and value-added jobs here in the United States. Too many manufacturing jobs have been exported abroad, and I believe that this is dangerous. We need to create jobs that at least pay minimum wage so that our workers can spend money in our own communities.

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris is a leading figure in the fight against childhood trauma and its lifelong effects. A pediatrician and public health official, Burke Harris has dedicated her career to helping children and families heal from the effects of trauma and violence. As a small business owner, parent, and medical response corps volunteer, Burke Harris has seen first-hand the devastating effects of trauma on children and families. Through her work with the Women Infants and Children (WIC) program in the Bronx, she has helped countless families access the resources they need to heal and thrive. Burke Harris' commitment to helping others heal from trauma is an inspiration to us all.

I believe that education needs a significant overhaul in order to benefit both individuals and society as a whole. College graduates should be able to find employment that allows them to repay their loans, and programs should be available to help those who are struggling. I know firsthand the importance of access to education, and I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to receive a quality education.

There is something clearly wrong with a system in which massive institutions have huge endowments, yet students cannot afford tuition or repay their education loans. The White House debt forgiveness program is simply transferring the costs to others, rather than actually forgiving the debt. Families with kids know they should save for college, but not everyone can. This is an unfair outcome that needs to be addressed.

We also need reform in the greater area of healthcare. We need to reform insurance companies. I serve on numerous hospital institutional committees, and I see the number of regulatory systems that must be addressed, and the incredible amount of documentation needed. Often the regulatory compliance is more expensive than the medicines or treatments being prescribed. We need to streamline the healthcare system so that it is more efficient and less costly. Patients should have access to quality care without having to worry about the financial burden.

I believe that I would be able to bridge the gap between the moderates from both sides in Congress. As a centrist, I understand the issues that both sides are facing and can work with both to find common ground. I believe that this is essential in today's political climate and hope to be a part of the solution.

The Inflation Reduction Act is a great way to protect Medicare recipients from catastrophic costs and to provide relief for working families. This is a much-needed reform that will help many Americans struggling to make ends meet.

It is clear that we cannot simply increase government spending and expect to reduce inflation. We need to be finding ways to support small businesses and not add IRS workers aimed at middle class. Also, to reduce inflation, we need to be energy independent. Of course, I understand the environmental implications. Yet, nuclear plants should not have been closed.