A rift has developed in the Shiba Inu community over claims of copying code and chain identification numbers.

I'm just curious as to why, when our project which had a billion dollars invested in it and spent ten million creating our Layer 2 technology, we are now looking into another project known as Chain ID.

On Mar. 17, the Shiba Inu (SHIB) Discord's top-ranking member, Steve, made a major discovery. He alleged that the Shibarium layer-2 beta testnet ID was identical to the Rinia testnet ID, an existing blockchain. This revelation sparked a series of events on the official SHIB Discord. With further investigation, it remains to be seen what implications this discovery may have for the future of the SHIB blockchain.

"So why is it that it looks like shibarium test net has taken rinia testnet genesis file Changed the name from renia But forgot to change the chain ID Rinia has been live and owned that chain Id since Feb. And was planned in December."

Today, Steve, the developer of Shiba Inu (SHIB) cryptocurrency, expressed his concern about the potential for his work to be taken over by Kaal and Shytoshi, the developers of the currency. According to Steve, the only way for the two to take over his work would be if they tricked him into rebooting, which would allow them to steal his genesis file. When asked to comment, Kaal, one of the developers, responded to Steve's allegations.

"Dispelling some FUD ever since we did the Alpha network deployment few chain IDs were picked randomly- 417(Alpha), 517(Staging), 917(pre-pod/beta) and these chain were not registered anywhere at that time, I made a mistake to not recheck when the puppynet network was launched"

"Shibarium GitHub shows the shibarium alpha test is just a 100% copy of Mumbai polygon."

Steve's original post on allegations of plagiarism in Shibarium. Developers have since denied the allegation. Source: Shiba Inu Discord
A recent post on allegations of plagiarism in Shibarium, a popular game developed by Steve, has caused a stir within the gaming community. However, the developers have since denied the accusation and released a statement on the Shiba Inu Discord, asserting their innocence and denouncing the allegation.