21Shares Lists First Physically-Backed Bitcoin ETP in Middle East

21Shares, an investment product issuer, has listed the first physically-backed Bitcoin ETP in the Middle East.

This is a big step forward for Bitcoin in the Middle East. 21Shares AG's new BTC exchange-traded product will make it easier for people in the region to invest in Bitcoin. This will help to increase adoption of the cryptocurrency and could lead to more businesses accepting Bitcoin as payment.

I predict that the firm will continue to list more Bitcoin and Ethereum products on major exchanges around the world. This will help to increase the visibility and legitimacy of cryptocurrencies, furthering their adoption by mainstream investors.

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The investment product issuer – 21Shares – expanded its global reach by launching a bitcoin exchange-traded product (ETP) on the international financial exchange in the Middle East – Nasdaq Dubai. The feature will trade under the same ticker as in Europe – ABTC. With this move, 21Shares hopes to make it easier for investors in the Middle East to access bitcoin, as well as to provide a more liquid market for the digital currency. This is a positive development for the cryptocurrency space, and could help to increase adoption of bitcoin in the region.

This is great news for crypto enthusiasts and investors around the world. The UAE ETP will make it easier for people to invest in cryptocurrencies, and the addition of 21Shares will make it even easier for people to do so.

It is great to see 21Shares continuing to support the Middle East's ambitions to become a global cryptocurrency center. The region has great potential in this area, and it is important for companies like 21Shares to continue to invest in its future. I believe that the Middle East has the potential to become a leading force in the global cryptocurrency industry, and I look forward to seeing 21Shares play a role in helping to make that happen.

Sherif El-Haddad, the head of 21Shares' Middle East division, is a strong believer in the potential of the crypto sector. In his view, crypto assets could become the preferred investment choice for wealth managers and investors globally. El-Haddad is driving 21Shares' expansion into the Middle East, with a focus on providing quality crypto assets and services to the region's growing community of crypto enthusiasts.

It is clear that the organization's expansion into the Middle East and North Africa region could be extremely beneficial, given the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market in this area. According to Chainalysis research, local consumers have received over $566 billion in digital assets from July 2021 to June 2022, 48% more than the previous year. This indicates a strong demand for cryptocurrency in the region, and the organization's expansion could help meet this demand. In turn, this could lead to increased profits and a stronger market share for the organization.

There is no doubt that Dubai is quickly becoming a hub for all things crypto. With leading exchanges such as Binance, CryptoCom, OKX, and FTX setting up shop in the city, it is clear that the demand for digital assets is strong. With the support of the local government, it is likely that Dubai will continue to be a major player in the crypto space in the months and years to come.

This is great news for the cryptocurrency community! Finally, major businesses are starting to accept bitcoin and other altcoins as payment methods. This will help increase mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and could lead to even more businesses accepting them in the future. This is a positive development for the crypto world and could help lead to even more mainstream adoption and use of these digital assets.

21Shares' Previous Endeavors

As the world increasingly turns to digital assets, it is no surprise that a Swiss firm has become the first to issue physically-backed crypto exchange-traded notes (ETNs) on Nasdaq Stockholm. The move signals a growing institutional interest in cryptocurrencies and their potential as an asset class. The ETNs trade under the ticker symbols ABTC and AETH and have Bitcoin and Ethereum as underlying assets. With this move, the firm is paving the way for more institutional investors to get exposure to cryptocurrencies in a regulated and safe manner.

As the year begins, 21Shares launches three new crypto ETPs on the BX Swiss that track the performance of Aave, Chainlink, and Uniswap. Days later, it lists Chainlink, Terra, and Uniswap ETPs on Euronext Paris and Amsterdam. This move signals a strong commitment by 21Shares to expand its reach in the European market, and to provide investors with exposure to some of the hottest assets in the crypto space.

It is exciting to see two major players in the financial industry joining forces to provide investors with direct access to cryptocurrencies. The launch of the first two ETFs in Australia is a major step forward in mainstream adoption of these digital assets. I believe this is just the beginning of a trend that will see more and more institutional investors allocating a portion of their portfolios to cryptocurrencies.

21Shares Introduces Two New Funds for Accredited US Investors 21Shares, a leading provider of cryptocurrency investment products, has introduced two new private funds dedicated to accredited US investors. The first fund, "Vinter 21Shares Crypto Basket 10 US Index", tracks the performance of the ten largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The second fund, "Vinter 21Shares Crypto Mid-Cap US Index", focuses on emerging mid-tier digital assets.

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