12,554 away from Ethereum Merge

We are only 12,554 away from the Ethereum Merge happening on September 15 at 1:09 (CST), according to Watcher Guru.

The Watcher Guru's prediction of the Ethereum Merge is rapidly approaching. This event will see a major change in the network, moving from PoW to PoS. This will have a major impact on miners, who will be forced to find alternatives. The $19 billion mining industry will be affected by this change.

The ETHmerge project is an effort to merge the Ethereum blockchain with the Bitcoin blockchain, creating a new cryptocurrency called "Ether".

It's no secret that Ethereum miners have been leaving the network in droves recently. With the network's average computing power currently standing at just 854 TH/s, it's clear that the trend is downwards. This is a19% drop from the peak in May, and it's having a big impact on the crypto mining industry as a whole. Ethereum's massive PoW hashrate is significant to the industry, and once Ethereum shifts to PoS, the ETH hashrate will shift to other PoW coins. This could have a major impact on the mining sector as a whole.

It is clear that the mining sector is undergoing a major transformation, and that Ethereum miners might be forced to exclude themselves from this shift in order to protect their own interests. While this may seem like a reasonable course of action, it could actually be quite problematic. If Ethereum is forked, projects within today's largest crypto ecosystem will have to make a choice. Meanwhile, multiple mainstream projects, covering the two stablecoin issuers Tether (USDT) and Circle (USDC), the oracle ChainLink, and the on-chain lending protocol Aave, have stated their support for the PoS chain. Without support from popular projects, the PoW chain will be worthless.

It is foreseeable that the ETC hashrate will soar after the Merge, as there is no technical barrier between ETH and ETC, and it is cheap to switch from one to the other. This will provide a boost to the ETC camp, which has differ in terms of algorithm from the ETH camp since the DAO hack split the Ethereum community.

In response to the current boom in ETC mining, many pools, including ViaBTC, have been offering mining benefits. However, ViaBTC Pool has announced that it will terminate the pool's PoW mining service and the revenue calculation of ETH when the TTD reaches a set threshold. The pool said that asset management functions such as ETH deposits & withdrawals and conversion, as well as ETH financial services that include hedging and loan, will remain available. It also recommended the ETC pool to miners who plan to continue with their PoW mining operations.

This is great news for miners who are looking to switch to ETC mining. ViaBTC has partnered up with Bitdeer, a top mining service provider, and is offering a free trial of their MiningOS firmware. This will help miners minimize costs and maximize returns.

MiningOS is an innovative firmware for GPU mining developed by the Bitdeer Group that offers simplicity, enhanced security, and high yields. The product is simple in that it allows miners to deploy their mining operation with one flash drive for downloading the image file, without having to go through the complicated code burning process. Backed by a top mining brand, MiningOS supports SSL connection and emphasizes security and privacy protection. Having been tested on a large number of GPU mining machines, MiningOS ranked second in terms of average revenue, and the figure is more than 2% higher than that of the second-place winner. Over time, the seemingly small difference will be translated into a substantial increase in revenue.

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If you're looking for specific installation instructions for the Bitdeer website, you can click on the link below. Otherwise, customer service is available to help you with any questions you may have.

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Bitdeer Group is the world’s leading provider of digital asset mining services. It was founded by Jihan Wu, a renowned pioneer in the cryptocurrency industry, along with Sequoia Capital, IDG and other well-known blockchain investment institutions. The group consists of two service platforms, “BITDEER” and “MinerPlus”, which provide a full range of mining services that include hashrate sharing and smart mining solutions. With its cutting-edge technology and strong team of experts, Bitdeer is well-positioned to continue its dominance in the digital asset mining space. I look forward to seeing the company continue to grow and innovate in the years to come.

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As a world-leading, all-inclusive mining pool, ViaBTC is committed to offering global users more abundant supporting tools, stabler and more efficient mining services, and better product experiences. With a cumulative mining output value of tens of billions of dollars, the company is one of the most trusted names in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

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